I'm so proud of you for saying yes to yourself and making it here today.

The majority of women start on our YES-2-YOU Intro Program. Running for 4 weeks, it eases you into your exercise routine, gives you ample motivation and support, (re)builds your base level strength and fitness and introduces you to a kick-arse community of women.

Not sure if this is for you? Or perhaps you have a few personal questions or concerns about starting an exercise program? Registering your interest offers you an opportunity to book in a quick call so we can chat through your individual wants and needs a little more!

What Our Members Say About Say Yes Fitness

I have been regularly attending Say Yes classes for over a year. I had never felt comfortable going to a big gym but Say Yes has created such a welcoming, friendly environment that I always look forward to my classes. This is a big change for me as I had never been able to stick with fitness classes before. The exercises are just the right amount of challenge and you are supported to adapt the move so it feels right for you and where your body is at. I have more knowledge and confidence in how to exercise and have definitely felt the benefits with my overall health and ability to deal with stress and busy work life.


I cannot recommend Say Yes classes and framework highly enough. The workouts are fun, simple and you always leave feeling better than when you arrived. Renee is willing to adjust, make harder and encourage you when needed for your body and goals. I especially love how kids are involved, whether she's helping set up toys near your mat, rocking a pram so Mum can get some moves in or adjusting an exercise to suit a clinger. Exercise is now so much more important in my life and I have Say Yes to thank for it.


I've more energy, I'm laughing more, I'm sleeping better, I move easier, more positive, more motivated and able to focus, I'm doing better at work.

I was really stiff and unfit before and now with every week I'm feeling a little better. So surprised that I actually enjoy the classes! Who am I?!

It's really nice to workout in a supportive environment with such a lovely bunch of people


Are you ready to SAY YES to yourself and your health?

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